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Sara E.K. Eivers

Licensed Muscular Therapist,

Core Movement Integration Practitioner, 
Reiki Master & Master Teacher 


Sara completed an advanced program of Muscular Therapy at the nationally acclaimed Muscular Therapy Institute in 2003, has a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Psychology, and is a 2nd degree Reiki Practitioner.  Sara has experience working in an integrated clinical setting along side Pain Specialists, Massage Therapists, Acupuncturists, and Chiropractors since 1998.  Having completed certification in Core Movement Integration 1, Sara’s mission is to use advanced clinical massage/bodywork and movement education to help re-pattern structural imbalances and ignite our brain’s own healing capacities for long-term improvements in function and health.

Sara has a very detailed and compassionate work style.  The one on one experience of listening and understanding where a patient is coming from and where they want to go is one that Sara takes great pride in.  Through not only hands-on techniques, but also self-care recommendations and exercises, Sara strives to support each person's journey to wellness and a pain free life with ease of movement.  She is more than willing to coordinate care with your healthcare team and make appropriate referrals so that you can make the best possible progress.  Her personal experience with injuries and surgery helps her uniquely identify with the physical, mental, and emotional needs of her clients. Sara's work has been described as “intuitive” and “problem solving”.  


Sara's Therapeutic expertise integrates from several modalities including Sports and Orthopedic Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release, Injury Rehabilitation, Instrument-assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization and Massage Cupping, Postural Assessment, and Reiki.  Sara works with Pediatric, Adult and Geriatric patients.  She is welcoming of all people from all walks of life, and also speaks Spanish. Sara is open to speaking with anyone who may want to consult about their individual care, and welcomes any questions or concerns.


Following major breast reconstruction surgery I was referred to Sara Eivers after hitting a wall with PT.  Working with Sara has made a huge impact on my recovery, improved flexibility and pain management.  She is highly skilled, professional and is continually researching new techniques and approaches.  She works collaboratively with other integrative medicine professionals.  I credit Sara with helping me get back to my pre-surgery, active and pain free self.   She was also there to help me recover from a dislocated shoulder.   Sara is a caring person, a tremendous muscular therapist and committed professional. I highly recommend her.   ~KJ

I have been a client of massage therapist Sara Eivers for almost ten years now. She's an extremely caring professional concerned with treating what ails the body in a holistic manner. During the years, she has made sound recommendations regarding medical care around my weakness around the knees, giving nutritional advise, as well as tailoring stretching exercises that have improved my posture and helped with old habits that increase muscle tension around my neck and shoulders. She creates a relaxed, trusting environment as she imparts excellent massage therapy.  ~GF

When I was pregnant I had a lot of hip and lower back pain that I was unable to find relief from - until I found Massage Therapist Sara Eivers. She is more attentive, knowledgeable, and responsive to my individual needs than any other therapist I have seen. I have benefited from her skilled hands for more than ten years now; through a second pregnancy, inflamed illia patella bands, and a torn labrum in my shoulder. I have moved further away from her practice, yet still will not see anyone else. I recommend her to all my friends and they love her!   ~NT

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